Morag Thomson

Marketing and PR

Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I hire a freelance Marketing /PR person?

Previously if you needed help promoting your business you had 2 options - either employ your own full time Marketing Manager or hire the services of an agency.  Now you have another option - hire a freelance Marketing  Manager.

It's simple really, you can hire my services for marketing and PR support for a number of hours a week or for a specific project without the hassle of employing anyone.  In the current climate it's a cost effective way to help promote your business in front of the right people without employing a full time member of staff.


How do you work? 

I can either work virtually or on-site and do anything a permanent marketing / PR person would do, whether you need an extra pair of hands for a specific project or someone to ease your workload on an ongoing basis.


 We have a large project, but it's really too big for one person, how would you cope?

That's simple, I work with a variety of other freelance professionals who I can call upon for specific projects.  These are people who I have worked with for many years and I trust them to be as committed to my clients as I am.